SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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Re: not really

stevo23 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

I'm trying to have an objective discussion and see if people can get to the facts with a level head.

I don't "take a side" here,

Not just took a side:

The crushed biker didn't deserve to be run over just because he was riding stupid.

That's taking sides as the video does indeed indicate he was provoking the incident (watch close and from the begining). His criminianl record for past driving offenses seem to corroborate that to some degree. The biker run over (Edwin Mieses) has a six-page criminal record that began at age

The guy who started the whole thing with the brake check isn't the same guy who got smashed is he? They're different people.

True but our friend with the now broke legs was acting in a similar manner. He didn't just happen to end up in front of a stopped and damaged SUV because he was checking his tire pressure. You need to hammer the notion that he "innocently got himself in the predicament is indicative of your "taking of sides"

12 with a negligent driving charge and includes jail time for drugs, guns, resisting arrest and other convictions, according to court records. Mieses has a pending case out of Lawrence District Court for driving suspended and subsequent offense. Mieses also has 15 guilty findings for criminal offenses including distribution of cocaine, possession of a firearm without a permit, knowingly receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and several motor vehicle violations, court records show.

Yes, I'm sure all those things are true. I'm just saying, who decides that getting his spine crushed by an SUV is "what he deserved"?

Society naturally. After all...Deserves: to have earned or to be given something because of the way you have behaved or the qualities you have

Seems he finaly did get what he deserved and perhaps a good thing he's now off the street.

I would prefer to say that he certainly had this coming for being an asshat - you don't play with fire and not get eventually burned. But what he "deserves" is a totally different matter.

Not really. Had he gotten the jail time he deserved for the previous wrongs...he may have not gotten what he deserved on "harass the SUV day"

I'm not sure what he actually did in this particular incident it's hard to tell.

Not really, you simply choose not to examine more closely and choose to be less than objective.  Only real problem is he'll likely not be charged for his crimes because society thinks he suffered enough and the system doesn't want to deal with him in a deserving way.

Thread really should be moved to the "off topic" forum where it is more deserving a place. After all, photography is rarely mentioned in any of your replies.

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