Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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Greg: how about busy BGs?

BirdShooter7 wrote:

-AI Servo 1 image priority set all the way to Focus (sometimes this causes a little delay in the time when you fully press the shutter and when the picture is actually taken. It took me a little while to get used to it but it did increase my keeper rate)

-AI Servo 2 image priority set all the way to Focus

this seems to be a new functionality or peculiar to 70d? I do not recall having options on 7d to set the Servo1 and Servo2 priorities

One of the main differences I am noticing between my 7D and 70D is that the 7D seems to hunt more often when trying to lock onto a flying bird. The 70D does still hunt sometimes but it does consistently hunt less frequency in a given set of shooting conditions.

have you tried this new body for BIFs over some heavily busy BGs (or FGs for that matter - like birds flying through some bushes/brambles, partially obscuring them intermittently on their flight paths? In clean environs, like over some stretches of still water or blue skies it shouldn't matter much, but this changes when BGs/FGs get more demanding and the 7d does cope quite well in that area in my experience,


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