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Okay Fuji, so now that the experiment is over....

... You can go ahead and give us the option of having the bayer cfa on higher end bodies like the XE2 and XP2. It is clear that just as many people (at least) would prefer this option.

I love what Fuji has done with these cameras, however, I feel like they discount what they have done when they lean on marketing gimmicks, especially ones that promote such musical chairs with regards to raw converters. In my opinion, there are great upsides to the X series that stand on their own and make this needlessly overhyped ruse totally unnecessary.

Personally, I am looking for a camera as an AF backup to my M240's, and while a pro DSLR is the easiest route, I am still stuck on compact cameras. I loved my pro DSLR setup back in the day, but that just doesn't feel right anymore. Seriously, I go into a store, pick one up, start using it, and just know that I don't want to go back.

With Sony releasing FF units shortly, that was/is a major consideration, especially since I could use my Leica lenses on it when I feel like it and not have to adjust to the crop factor. BUT, here is where Fuji takes over. When it comes to lenses, my AF options, if the past is any indicator, will be heavily in favor of the Fuji. Also, while I believe the Sony FF cameras will be great, I NEVER want to see a PSAM dial again in my life. What a waste!

This is why I love the XP1 and XE1 design so much. They feel like cameras, and not gadgets. Also, the X Series menus feel much more simple, and once set, can be left alone for the most part. Not as great as Leica in this sense, but you also have to understand that AF cameras like the Fuji offer more options than the raw feel of the Leica, so you have to put those options somewhere.

Since I am already thrilled with my FF Leica setup, I wouldn't mind an APSC X camera with it's AWESOME controls, various other improving aspects, and FANTASTIC lenses. I would love it in fact, but PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION ON THE CFA - because like many, that is a deal breaker for me at this point.

Here is a list of some of the things  I feel would make the perfect X Series camera with regards to the higher end units with viewfinders.

Minimum shutter speed with Auto ISO

Selectable colors for focus peaking

7 or even 9 shot exposure bracketing

weather sealing (of course not the best without sealed lenses)

Some form of layover or patch so that MF can be performed in the OVF on those models.

Reprogrammable buttons like the Ricoh GXR. Let us customize to our liking and minimize or rid ourselves of using the menus.

Fuji has a decent reputation for listening to consumers on these forums, so if you feel the same way, please say so. I have a lot of hope for the future of the system, and REALLY look forward to the Full Frame incarnation which will surely come down the road. For now though, stop toying with the CFA and get us the lenses and the improved bodies.

When the bayer option is universal, Fuji will open it's doors to previously alienated consumers and that will mean a big jump in sales, both for cameras and lenses. It is a win/win. Perfect the system, add much needed flash options, then they can begin development of a FF version.

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