I think m4/3s is the future

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I think you are trying to confuse people.

Quit trying to confuse the people with facts. If the understand the facts post count will go down because they will no longer be able to post the wonderful fiction that is posted so often on DPR

jim stirling wrote


That would be interesting as in the first 8 months of this year the entire mirrorless market shipments to the whole of Europe accounted for just over 10% of the interchangeable lens market . Though sales of DSLR;s were down to 79.5% of what they were in the same time period last year . Mirrorless sales were down to 65.5% of what they were last year a decline of over 1/3 is not good even by the most optimistic take.

In the USA numbers for mirrorless are very bad with sales only reaching 53% of the sales in the same period in 2012. Even though Asia does better with only a 16% drop in mirrorless sales compared to last year the mirrorlesss share of the interchangeable market is still under 25%. Japan has the largest mirrorless market but even there the entire mirrorless market accounts for just 38% of shipments this year.

Japan is also the only market to see growth of interchangeable cameras though it is DSLR's that have grown the most this year compared to last.

Source of data , CIPA which covers the entirety of the Japanese camera manufacturing output making it by far the most comprehensive and inclusive data


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