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Re: 70d look and feel..

Lemming51 wrote:

Stakeouttoo wrote:

over the past week handled the 70d...not sure if it is just me but I thought it felt more like a Rebel series camera like my old Xsi (450d) than my 60d which I still like a lot..

??? Per manufacturer and preview descriptions I've seen, in terms of Size, weight, control layout, and finish the 70D's feel should all be very similar to 60D. In what way did it feel more like your 450D?

was looking to upgrade... actually wanted to go one-step up to a new 7DMkII if it will ever show its face... not looking to go FF

I don't think of any progression within the same line to be an "upgrade". To me, 60D to 70D is a sideways move, just a refinement of a basic feature set. IMHO (YMMV) an upgrade would be to higher model line with more advanced feature set and/or larger format, e.g. from 60D to 7D, 5D/6D, or 1D lines.

I wouldn't say that .. even from a photographic only aspect, there were advancements and improvements in just about every area.  about the only thing you could say canon didn't improve on was a single SD slot.

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