SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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Re: But what about the issue of camera use?

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I think it's interesting that cops readily arrest people for filming their overzealous arrests and abuses, but are more than happy to use the helmet cam footage of a biker when they need to sort out an incident.

This was a case where the bikers posted the footage online. Apparently, some of these groups get off on filming the disruption their mass bike events cause. With a few exceptions, I'm against restrictions on the use of cameras in public. However, in this case it would appear that you are defending the right to enhance one's enjoyment of their disruptive and possibly illegal behavior by filming it and posting it online.

Not at all. I'm decrying the tendency for cops to arrest people for filming, especially when someone may be doing the public a service by filming police abuse which has happened on occasion.

Well you've choosen a very poor example of that then. It seems pretty obvious in this thread that your a biker looking to stand up to other bikers behaving illegally and are merely co opting this argument to suit that, damaging it in the process might I add.

Not at all, I'm just stating the facts and discussing them much as the police are having to do at the moment. Dropping one's personal bias is a difficult thing to do when trying to assess a situation such as this. The asshat bikers need to stop being asshats - I totally get that.

But this particular situation is unique and stands out as an example of many things and one of them is how a camera has made a difference (or not) in our society. The fact that we can even sit here and discuss it is due to the camera.

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