How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

redsf1 wrote:

JamesMortimer wrote:

Why redsf1 wrote:

Whilst i'm after a Pentax K30 or one of the K5's and will use it for multitude of subjects she wants a 600D for the only reason of its got 18MP. and the only reason she is going for a Canon is cos its what everyone uses. so how do i explain to her its not just MP? i currently have a basic Oly CSC with only 12mp but its more than good enough for looking at the pics on a screen or printing at a reasonable size. she wants it for portraits so is never going to massive posters. i just don't know how to explain it to her.

Why do you want to?

If she's happy with the 600D then let her be happy with it.

What's it to do with you?

Why do you want to? cos all she she's is pixels

What's it to do with you? when she asks me for advice i'm trying to help her. no harm in that is there ? also as my girlfriend i thought id try and get her better advice from more knowledgeable people

Good points, but you didn't say what relation she was to you. It could just as easily have been a camera-club friend.

There's no harm in helping, sure - but just be careful that you're not trying to convince her of your opinions or viewpoint - if she really wants pixels, let her alone to have them.
I'm presuming she's the one paying for the camera?

If it really matters, talk to her about pixels and site-sizes. 16 Mp with a 30 micron site is usually better than a 24 Mp with a 5 micron site. Not always.. but often.

Talk about texture smearing from nigh resolution tiny sensors.

But then - I like having 21 Mp - it allows for a full image and separate crops into interesting areas. Maybe that's what she likes too?

In all seriousness, a 600D will serve her nicely anyway, it's a pretty decent camera.
Not massively priced, decent specs, easy to handle.

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