How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: the cult of DPR

dholl wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

You've heard of observer expectancy effect?

No, but it sounds well posh.

What it says is if you had the EXIF you might well find that the answer was what you expected. Without the EXIF, you don't expect anything.

I suspect myself that the reason that they aren't packing 80MP in is that 36MP is already market leading and they wouldn't want to eat the capacity on their finer geometry lines making FF chips.

It's both: technology and market-driven.

Production economics more than technology.

Nothing so revolutionary about that chip, and the performance gains are very application specific. It would make a hopeless general purpose camera sensor.

It's not designed to be a general purpose camera as the market would balk at a 2mp stills camera.

It would also balk at a camera which introduced very poor results in brighter light.

It is designed to be ultra noise-free at high ISO and low-light, to do that it needs very large and very few pixels on a full-frame sensor. They can't reach the same quality-of-sensitivity if they packed ultra-HD on there (8mp).

It's all to do with the read noise.

Or do you think the reason they didn't make that an 8mp sensor is because of market tactics?

They made the sensor to match the requirements of a particular application.

There is a very real rule-of-thumb here.

No, the performance of Canon's sensor is entirely explicable if you know how sensors work and the technology available to them.

Are you sure you know how sensors work or are you mixing that up with marketing concepts?

I'm sure that I know how sensors work (not as well, probably, as someone like Eric Fossum, but better, in all probability, than someone like you)

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