Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: utterly silly statement ...

Kim Letkeman wrote:

BonoBox wrote:

this is a really bad news!! after all the money invested in the m4/3 system

i hope the rumors are not real

Why? Do you have an agreement with Sony that demands that you automatically dump m4/3 and buy their very expensive new system?

Also, do you understand how large a FF system will be with lenses with any reach at all? Answer: the lenses will be as big as the lenses on any FF camera. The good ones are HUGE.

That is true for longer reach lenses. I mostly use wide, normal and portrait lenses 99% of my time.

Sony FF primes that will be announced with NEX FF will be even smaller than some APSC lenses. Also just take a look at RX1 - it's 35mm f2 lens is smaller than some m43 lenses (obviously in length).

So ... stop wringing your hands over a choice you already have made. The D600 is reasonably small for FF and you have chosen to go with something smaller anyway. End of story ...

D600 is around 4-5 times bulkier than NEX-7 and NEX FF will be about 15% bigger than NEX-7. So it will still be about 3 times less bulkier (at least) than D600 which you called a reasonably small for FF.

There is just no comparison.

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