SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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A polarizing issue, camera doesn't settle it!

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"SUV Runs Over Biker." That's a rich and extremely misleading title.

That's exactly what happened. Nothing misleading about it.

"Thugs Surround Innocent Man and Family in SUV. One Thug Run Over as Man Attempts to Escape."

^^Fixed it for ya.^^

You added quite a bit of spin, so for you, "misleading" means that it left out your personal judgement of what happened. My title is simple and without value judgement. The simple fact is that the SUV driver ran over a biker. Right or wrong, he did so and I chose my wording on purpose so as not to cast innocence or blame in either direction. I wanted to prove a point which you are helping me make.

Nope, it would be a more accurate description of events that actually leaves out the brutal assault by said bikers. You clearly choose your wording in favour the bikers and looking to co opt the helmet cam issue(a real issue that who'se case your damaging) to bolster your argument, the dishoniesty and irresponsibility in this thread is all yours I'm afraid.

Really? You know what I'm thinking? I'm trying to have an objective discussion and see if people can get to the facts with a level head.

I don't "take a side" here, I just want people to think about two things:

1) Just because you have the instant replay, it doesn't mean the issue will be closed and settled.

2) The rightness or wrongness of an action of string of events don't get settled by the camera.

We would like to think that instant replay of events and clear documentation solves things. But it doesn't.

Some current facts:

  • We have the smushed biker hiring Gloria Allred who's claiming he was an innocent victim.
  • The SUV driver saying he felt threatened and wanted to get away from the danger. Cops seem to agree. SUV driver was on the phone with 911.
  • People are talking about it and taking sides and are unwilling to acknowledge how each reaction was caused by a poor decision by one of the previous actors.
  • Some are saying that the bikers "got what they deserved".

And nobody "got what they deserved", the SUV driver didn't deserve to be terrorized and beaten because he refused to obey an illegal brake check. The crushed biker didn't deserve to be run over just because he was riding stupid. But he should have known that he was playing with fire.

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