How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Whilst i'm after a Pentax K30 or one of the K5's and will use it for multitude of subjects she wants a 600D for the only reason of its got 18MP. and the only reason she is going for a Canon is cos its what everyone uses. so how do i explain to her its not just MP? i currently have a basic Oly CSC with only 12mp but its more than good enough for looking at the pics on a screen or printing at a reasonable size. she wants it for portraits so is never going to massive posters. i just don't know how to explain it to her.

Why do you want to bother? If that's what she wants, let her buy it. She won't be disappointed with a 600D.

Because the first reason of getting the camera above everything else is its got 18mp cos thats means everything and her second reason is cos its a canon. i just don't want her to buy a camera purely on the amount of mp's. her previous camera is a iphone!

If she gets what SHE wants, she's likely more inclined to use it, to learn about it, to grow into it. If she gets what you insist she gets, it may not see the light of day all that much. Some arguments are just not worth having and this is certainly one of them, imo. If it's going to be HER camera, let her get what she wants.

i DO see where your coming from but i'm just trying to get more advice than i can give her before she spends her money. yes when she chooses the camera she will defo use it. she has a mind of her own and i bloody know it! I'm not saying to her don't buy it as i know canon make dam good camera and lenses all i want is to give her some advice and try and get her to try out a Nikon or Sony just so she can see what else is about. so far all she has done is gone to Curry's and looked at the 1100d and 600D and decided the 600D is the camera for her

If it feels right, that makes a big difference. The menu system is also less complicated on Canon. Check prices online. I am sure they will be cheaper than Currys.

I wont be getting it from currys most likely from SRS but they dont do the 600d

I don't know where you live, I have had a couple of good deals from Clifton Cameras. I just got a fish-eye lens & got 10% off. Delivery was spot on & service was polite & professional. Worth a look.

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