D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

Mariner77 wrote:

I couldn't find enough portrait photos for tamron 90mm vc, but there are a lot for 85mm 1.8g at f2.8 on the net. Those portrait distance photos' bokeh look very good for me. If Tamrons bokeh at f2.8 is even in same bokeh quality and sharper images (it is easy to me it softer than reverse), that wil be great choice with vc and macro bonus for me.




I'll try to add some portrait samples today and tomorrow, but thus far it appears to be a stellar addition to my kit.

At distance the Tamron is the optically better lens. I'm certain of it. Add the VC and fast AF and it's game over. But that does not impact the 85mm G lenses as they are much faster and obviously great for shallow DOF and low light with tons of sharpness.

So my portrait/candid kit is the 85mm 1.8G, Tamron 90 VC 2.8, 70-200 VRII. I will also use the 50mm 1.4 and Tamron 70-300 VC at times.

I really bought the Tamron for jewelry jobs, so this portrait ability is a bonus I wasn't really counting on.


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