D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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A true D700 replacement for me would be a camera with a reasonable sensor size (certainly no greater than the 16MP size of the D4) that has been optimized for low noise and high dynamic range, along with a truly next generation PDAF system able to support this sensor resolution at f/1.4 in AF-C. Imagine this product as a D750 Noct.


You are describing the D4. Why would Nikon release another, cheaper camera that would very obviously cannibalise D4 sales? They'd be crazy to.

Does the D4 have a small form factor like the D700? No.

>The D4/D3S are slightly smaller form factor than the D700 with battery grip added.

Does the D4 have a new PDAF module? No. It's got the same 5 year old MULTI-CAM 3500FX from the D3S warmed over.

>The D4 has Nikon's best PDAF module, better than the D800.

We all know there's two main reasons people don't buy the D4... the immense cost & it's immense size.

>Where are the facts that support this?  Plenty of people buy the D4 otherwise they would stop making it.  Immense size?  Again a D4 is smaller form factor than a D800/D700 with the battery grip.    With that immense cost comes a camera whos shutter lasts twice as long as D800, much faster FPS-sports shooting, better low light, etc.  You get what you pay for.  D4 is a camera that is an all around camera, can be used for everything.  D800, knowbody wants slow 4 or 5fps and huge 36mp files to post process for sports shooting.

Based on the obvious pent up demand for a lower cost/lower res/smaller FX camera Nikon would be crazy not to release a D750 with these features. Certainly the D700 was a profitable run for Nikon without destroying the D3/D3S market.

I'm sure Nikon thought they'd covered their low cost FX bases with the launch of the D600, but you've seen the massive unsold inventory accumulate since then for a camera that was too crippled on build quality, PDAF, and other prosumer features that the D700 community has criticized ad nauseum.

Yes, the 24MP sensor in the D600 is nice... but the kudos for that go entirely to Sony. The compromised camera shell around that sensor, however, is solely Nikon's fault.


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