D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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I just bought a D800, and you couldn't get my four old D700. It didn't stop being a great unit. I don't see the D600 or the D800 as a replacement.

Can you explain why the D800 isn't a D700 replacement please?

Specifically: what features does the D800 not have that it should have (or does have and it shouldn't)?

D800 is optimized for resolution, not speed. D800 is twice the price, yet slower than a D700. Action shooters and many others simply don't want or need that many pixels/large files.


The d800 is not slower than a d700, it just has more data to transfer. The throughput is the same, if not faster. It's only slower because it has alot more data to process/save.

And for those who don't need 36MP, you can shoot in dx format and you'll always have the 36MP option. You can even shoot at a lower resolution in FF. You don't have to always use the highest resolution mode (36MP).


That's a rather funny attempt at rationalization. When all is said and done, the D800 is slower in producing it's 36MP (or even 24MP) RAW file than the D700 is in producing it's 12MP RAW file - end of story.

But as long as we're in fantasizing mode(!), think how much better for sports and action Nikon could have made the D800 (D800H?) if it needed to manage 'mere' 16MP or 24MP files. Now that might have been a viable replacement for the D700.


I think a lot of people would have JUMPED at that.  Instead of a D800/D800E they could have introduced a D800/D800s where everything is the same but the sensor and the D800s could have been 16-18 MP or something and lightning fast.

And I honestly think Nikon would have done that if they weren't trying so hard not to cannibalize their D4 sales because that camera is only 16MP.  Would have been nice if they could have gotten 18-20 MP out of THAT camera with the same performance then having a D800s like the old D700 at only 16 MP wouldn't kill them that much.

I think that would have solidified their lineup for the next 3-4 years.

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