X-E1 vs X-A1 raws with 14/2.8

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Re: different raw converter

But who cares! The differences are so small they don't matter a jot.

You know, when I upgraded my 4MP Oly E10 in 2003 to a D100, I saw a significant increase in quality. When I upgraded the D100 to a kodak 14n, I saw a significant increase in resolution (but a downgrade in everything else).

Swapping to the original 5D saw all the flaws of the 14n resolved. Since then I've been though a number of cameras including various Lumix, NEX, and others. I've now settled on the Pentax K5 for my SLR and have a XE1 and NEX 5n battling it out as my lightweight alternative.

The images quality of all 3 of these in equal or better than the 5D. And that ought to be good enough for anyone to do practical photography.

Come on, there is always going to be something better, no matter what you use, 10 x 8 film is still better. But ask yourself this, how much better than absolutely fantastic does your camera have to be before you can feel content with your camera as you snap the cat and the kids.


That shiny new sensor is a constraint on only one thing: how big can you print. No bigger than 30 x 20 inches, then stop worrying, there's no practical difference.

We're now at the point in the development of digital photography where artistic skill is actually the most important determining factor and cameras should be compared on ergonomics, flexibility and ease of use, just like they were in the dying days of film cameras.  What's the difference in image quality between a Nikon F6 and a Zenit B or a Praktica LTL3?

Er, absolutely zero.

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