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Re: Is this a 'nice picture' thread?

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I ask this genuinely because if it is a 'nice picture' thread, I won't say anything. Much of detail is impressive and the facade is an interesting photographic subject.

On the other hand, if this is a genuine analysis of a file, can I point out the alias artifacts in it?

Artifacts, what artifacts, I don't see no stinkin' artifacts.

I don't either ... but rovingtim apparently does. I'm waiting for him to point them out.

Hmmm. I see them. I'm surprised that others can't. Then again ...

There are obvious (and rather intriguing to be honest) stairstepping artifacts on the sharp curves of the stonework. Also, where there are fairly straight horizontal lines with sharp edges, you can see the pixels changing colour. They should all be stone, but some are greenish, some are magenta.

Sorry ... none of this shows up AT ALL on my system ... not here, and not in the original viewed through Capture One Pro 7 nor in the 17 X 22 print.

There are also strange colour shifts in some of the details on the building where you have small objects. However without actually being there and comparing a print, its hard to tell with these whether it exists in real life, or whether its yet another false colour issue with a too weak AA filter. but the other points mentioned would certainly NOT exist in real life.

Same as above. Can't see this at all no matter how I view the image. I think it would be helpful if you made a copy of the 100% crop and circled the areas you're referring to. Just putting these observations into words doesn't enable us to see them 'cause we don't know where to look! "... on the building where you have small objects" isn't particularly specific.

This image to be honest isn't one that exhibits the flaws to the same extent as most E5 pictures of man made landscapes do. Mostly with those the horrible colour artifacts are blatantly obvious. However most people here seem oblivious to those as well, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised....

Oblivious ... or they're not there on other monitors.

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