Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

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Re: Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

Promit wrote:

Everyone else in this thread is missing the point.

Your credit card number may have been accessed. Everybody with an Adobe account got the exact same letter. Cloud users, non Cloud users, whatever. They may or may not actually have your card on file, they're not customizing this message specifically for your situation and account. I got the message for an account that has NO purchase history, and I got it for an account that is signed onto Cloud too.

What the message says is that they were compromised and sensitive financial details were leaked. Yours may be among them. It may not. They are unable or unwilling to say the extent of the damage, so the easy approach is just to tell everyone the same exact warning to watch their accounts etc.

Additionally note that transaction histories frequently include partial numbers (last 4 digits is very common) and that's often unencrypted plaintext. It's printed on practically every receipt you get with a credit card purchase, but there are situations in which that data can be exploited.

I called my credit card provider about this yesterday. They checked and said they had not been notified about the breach. The operator said the vendor is legally required to alert credit card companies in the event of a breach.

I'm not certain what this does or doesn't tell us.


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