Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

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Re: Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

jfelbab wrote:

StrokerAce23 wrote:

This is super easy and solved with a little Google work. Try some combination of:

PCI copliance

Merchant services


Durbin amendment


Then consult with a couple of attorneys at large banks and accountants at one of the big four.

Get back to us.

In short, because they have to.

No, they actually don't need to keep your credit card for discrete item purchases.

There are many, many companies that don't keep your card number unless you allow them to. Just today, I ordered some items from LandEnd and they don't, Sears doesn't, Target doesn't and the list is countless. If you have any links that show a company is required to keep your CC number post them. I'm sure all these companies would be happy to hear this news.

So if you return an item purchased from these establishments, you evidently get a check in the mail?

Also most CC companies allow temporary card numbers for on-line purchases. These expire a short time after the transaction so fraud potential is minimized.

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