How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: the cult of DPR

dholl wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

"Need" is a strong word. More pixels, all else equal, will always result in a photo with "higher IQ", even when competently downsized (e.g., not a "nearest neighbor" downsizing algorithm) for web display.

This sounds like your subjective impression. I've got 2.7mp D1 pics which look as tack-sharp as any of my 20mp 6D pics on any full-HD monitor I care to look at.

3) less pixels on same size sensor within same sensor-generation generally mean better high-ISO performance and better DR/colour-depth at higher ISO's too.

That's absolutely false, the classic counterexample being the D600 vs D800.

So why does every pro review and most user reviews state the D600 performs better at the very high ISO's than the D800? Same with the D700 vs the 5DII back in 2008 (12mp vs 21mp).

Timj351 wrote:

It's so funny how so many people on these forums can never seem to answer a simple question. I agree with many here that the 600D is a fine camera and it's 18 mp doesn't hinder it's image quality, BUT, that's not what you asked is it?

Exactly! So many annoyingly irrelevant and high-minded 'contributions', like this one below:

Klaus dk wrote:

...but why do you want to confuse her? She will be buying a fine camera which she obviously likes, there are other fine cameras around and so what?

If she would buy another camera on your recommendation, every bad picture it produces - and all cameras do produce bad pictures to most of us - you'll be to blame. Choose your fights with care.

In some relations, being right is irrelevant. Loosen up, it's not your responsibility.

It would drive me mad if I was the OP.

you are wrong, and listen  now to BOB

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