Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: utterly silly statement ...

sean lancaster wrote:

Sony already has a full frame camera in the NEX-VG900 and the reports are that it works without vignetting with all full frame lenses:

I should point out that I have a pancake 20mm Voigtlander Color Skopar on my Canon 6D. Once I start shooting wide angle, I sort of prefer manual focus. I am fine with the quality I get with this tiny lens and 20 is as wide as I'd want for FF. I suspect the FF NEX coming out will be just fine for landscape shooters.

I was just wondering how the UWA CV would work on a mirrorless FF.

That tells you also that some of the objections against Sony are made up. I am pretty sure that Sony will use FW correction to make small lenses - pancakes? That might be well one of the reasons of the Sony-Oly agreement.

Compared to the E-M1 the coming A7 is not even expensive - 1700 body only. To me the main objection is not enough DOF, huge teles. However say that I can have a 35mm pancake, a CV and two portrait legacy, I would have an alternative for when I need v. big files.

Probably m4/3 would stay my main system anyway - blazing AF, faster processing matter. It's exactly the same relationship there was between 35mm and Medium Format in film.

People also forget that despite smaller files, resolution per pixel is comparable. Having high Dynamic Range also, doesn't show that you *need* to change system, it could be an option if you needed larger files.


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