Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

Chez Wimpy wrote:

masticina wrote:

Right so it is possible, situation stays that FF lenses are bigger and heavier. And that once you add the needed grip you end up with an SLT body anyway.

Once you start adding large lenses, it gets large... I imagine any 70-200/2.8 + soap-bar camera is going to be the worst balancing standard lens combination in the history of interchangeable lens camera systems (IIRC one of their current superzooms routinely breaks the tripod mount on their cameras due to the cantilever stress). Small WA-long normal primes, if they are brighter than their APS-C equivalents, will be the FF-NEX raison d'etre.

Wow haven't heard of the superzoom situation yet but wow. Great design Sony! With big full frame lenses you at times get a tripod bracket for it. With the nex we are going to need tripod brackets for bigger lenses to.

Situation doesn't changes much does it, sure full frame primes would not be the problem but zooms.. you are going to need to find a better way. Just is that way.

At least with the SLT range and the A mount you have some grip. And as long as the inner body is made of metal instead of plastic it should hold even a heavier lens.

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