ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: no more low-light bracketing or high ISO setting, Nex C3 raw

Jack Hogan wrote:

If only it were that simple we would have had the issue settled months ago. Asking often nets you answers like this or this. And just so that we are clear, this is what we are asking for:

Two D800/e NEFs available for download of a high DR scene, captured with decent technique on a tripod.

  • The first, manually 'properly' exposed at ISO1600;
  • The second captured immediately after at ISO100, all other things being equal.

Can't it just be a 'normal' scene/subject with an 'average' contrast? If shooting a high DR scene, then it could be discussed what a 'properly exposed' image is. Is it the exposure the metering suggests, or is it ETTR, while protecting important highlights?

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