5D Mark III video time limit

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joema1 wrote:

Muresan Bogdan wrote:

There is also another issue: file size. Even if your camera will shoot more than 30 min, the maximum file size Windows recognizes is 4Gb.

This is incorrect. The largest file Windows supports is 2^64 bytes, which is 16 exabytes. This is the same limit for both NTFS and exFAT file systems.

The 5D Mark III uses exFAT on any SD or CF card 128GB or larger. In essence there is no file size limit.

The video recording time limit is not based on file size or file system, but is a regulatory limit.

Well even the 5d mark III limits it's file size to 4Gb. Are you even using this camera? When you shoot if the file is bigger than 4Gb it will be split into several 4Gb movies. Without interrupting recording but still 2 or 3 files. So you still need to do a montage. In this regard it is not a real advantage being able to record 2 hours of movie. It is really better to stop the recording where you want it and start again. It only takes a fraction of a second and the movie will be split as you want it, making it easier to edit.

So yes while exFAT or NTFS allows for files bigger than 4Gb, most of the users will be stuck with FAT32. Even more for backup purposes I never shoot very big size cards. I use 16Gb or 32Gb. That way even if one card fails I will not loose all the work. Also it allows me or an assistant to copy on an external hard drive the work as soon as I pull it out of the camera.

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