D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

kiirokurisu wrote:

I also don't buy that the D700 has higher 'build quality' than the D600. The manufacturing tolerances and materials used are largely the same. The D600 has a polycarbonate front plate; that seems to be the main difference in materials. The D700 may have more weather sealing, or it may in fact not. But 'quality' is a measure of how well the components are manufactured and assembled and I don't agree there is any difference. Cameras like the D700 might be said to be more durable, but this is highly dependent on the conditions under which they are used. You might prefer the control scheme of the D700/D800 body - that is perfectly understandable. But stop abusing the term 'build quality'.

So the issues of dirt/oil on the D600's sensor or focus problems of the D800 are not a measure of how well their components are manufactured and assembled? I can not recall any such problems with the D700.

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