SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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Re: SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

brianric wrote:

wombat661 wrote:

From what I read in various news account, the bikers were trying to shut down the highway. This dad was the only one resisting and still driving. You can see in all the video he was the only car on the road. From there on, is down hill.

The bikers were doing illegal things, yes. As a responsible dad with your wife and child in the car, I would have pulled over when everyone else were pulling over. Let the gang pass. Is just not worth the confrontation. Especially since he was celebrating their anniversary. Is not exactly a life and death situation that he really had to be at whatever place they were going. Celebrating five minutes latter probably would not have mattered.

To me, that is a major lapse of judgement on the dad's part. Is pointless to blame the bikers. You got your family with you, take care of your family before challenging these bikers.

That's like blaming the woman for getting rapped because she was wearing a mini skirt. Just be lucky for the bikers this wasn't Texas and the guy had a gun, as could legally shoot them all.

Not just in Texas but in many states he would have been completely within his legal right to defend his family with a firearm in that situation.  Though the best thing tactically is to just put the SUV in drive and run over whoever you have to to get your family the hell out of that situation as fast as possible instead of wasting time getting a gun out while seat belted in and hoping you can shoot them all like some action hero wannabe before they overwhelm you and drag your dumb ass out of the vehicle.

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