Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

deednets wrote:

Well, this only shows you how different people's opinions can be??? I have used Nikons and Canon cameras, the last ones D300s, D800 and the 5DMKII. When I switched to the Fuji, I thought initially to just use the camera for travel, but the files when opened were like I had removed the veil from the lens, there was a clarity, that I still find unbelievable, my initial idea was that this was probably due to the X-Trans Sensor ... Have compared the Fuji files lately to the Canon 6D and still find the Fuji would be my preference!

But! I see you use Lightroom, I use Capture One 7 Pro ... would have been nicer if the sensors algorithms were more universally useable, but maybe that's part of what I like about it!

... crop from a photo taken last week, have a look at 100% obviously not to your liking, but I personally find that the files are amongst the cleanest I have on my computer ... just my opinion ok, I like the skin tones and the sharpness level:



I tend to agree. The x-Trans sensor is capable of ridiculously good IQ and is constantly compared to the best from high end full frame cams.

The old Bayer sensor is not in the race IMO. But granted many manufactures are desperately squeezing more life out of the 'ole girl I guess because they are locked in to the Bayer pattern and can't go in any different direction without insane costs.

Personally I will never go back to the old Bayer pattern now we've turned the corner, but I fully appreciate why some would not welcome the superior technology. For these people it is good they can happily choose a Bayer pattern sensor camera and stay happy.

And this is what it's all about, finding and buying something you will be happy with.

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