Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

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Re: Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

BasiliskPhoto wrote:

Biggers sensors might be more expensive to make, but surely a 6x6 sensor would only need half the pixel density of the D800, so that would reduce the cost/technical challenge somewhat

Pixel density has little to do with the cost - size is the main factor.

Also, with a mirrorless MF camera, with a short flange distance, any MF lens could be adapted, with space for electronics to manage AF also a possiblity. You are not going to be using this for shooting fast moving objects, so slow, but accurate AF might be adequate.

System manufacturers want you to buy their lenses - I suspect adapting 3rd party MF lenses is pretty far down their list of considerations when it comes to designing a system. People buying a MF system want the very best IQ -- how many of them would actually want to use older lenses designed for film not digital?

A square sensor would give you portrait and landscape options without rotating the camera which is another plus.

I used to use both a Rolliei TLR a Hasselblad 6x6 system, like the square format, and am aware of its benefits - and drawbacks. The fact is most people criop to a rectangular format so, whether you want a vertical or horizontal shot they end up not using one third of a very expensive sensor.

A square format would likely almost double the cost of the system and provide little benefit you couldn't get with a rotating back.

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