Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: I'm getting one

Chez Wimpy wrote:

EarthQuake wrote:

If you shoot wide-short telephoto the lens don't need to be that much bigger, sure they will be bigger, but you can also say, get more use out of a F2 prime on a FF sensor than a F1.4 prime on a M43rds sensor (better noise perf on FF means you can up ISO higher, F2 gives more DOF control than F1.4 on MFT).

In my case, the main issue is that Canon has stubbornly refused to advance their camera sensors over the last nine years (my 20D, on the pixel level, is about the same as the 5D3 which shares the same pixel pitch) even if that meant buying from a competitor. Low DR, Banding, shadow burlap patterns and low-ISO venitian blind-looking skies have been the limiting factor in my FF landscapes for years.

The 5D3 and 6D sensors have double the QE of the 20D sensor, and the 6D has negligible banding.

Canon also produces wonderful lenses, in particular a number of recent "mark 2's" as well as their TSE lineup... the promise of a 36MP "holy Sony sensor" of D800 fame means finally having a world-class landscape solution for EF mount shooters. I also like the promise of smaller primes and a portable wide-normal shooting DOF controlling camera... the only problem is @ 75mb per RAW image (with 30ish of those 36MP being outside of DOF anyway) makes almost no sense to me for event photography when even my 5D2 does just fine with "people pictures" in the 5MP setting of sRAW. I am not shooting national geographic! So, outside of a setting for scaled resolutions and RAW exposure/WB control, I am really in the market for two cameras ... which makes almost no financial sense. The 36MP "digital back" is probably going to be my only purchase into the system (unless their 28-70 can actually make it sing) for a long while.

Canon's sensors are great, it's the ADC that's holding them back.  If they can manage the same ADC architecture as Sony's Exmor design, or something at least as good, Canon will even pull ahead of Sony's current (but who knows what they have lined up).

Where things get silly is when you try to put a telephoto lens on a FF mirrorless camera. Good luck with a 200-600mm lens on a mirrorless FF camera hehe.

Yes, I don't think my EM5+45-175x is going anywhere!

How about the 24-600 FF equivalent at f/2.8 on the FZ200?  LTZ470 seems to produce a few decent shots with it.

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