How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: Nope.

AceP wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

dholl wrote:

3) less pixels on same size sensor within same sensor-generation generally mean better high-ISO performance and better DR/colour-depth at higher ISO's too.

That's absolutely false, the classic counterexample being the D600 vs D800.

When I compare the ISO 6400 and above RAW samples in the DPreview widget, it's pretty obvious that the D800 has more noise, especially colour, than the lower megapx D600.

Not so obvious to me, as the D800 is being viewed with greater enlargement.  Upsample the D600 file to the same dimensions as the D800 file and compare.  I think you'll find the differences to be trivial after DPR adds the D600 to their new studio scene so you can compare at the same enlargement.

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