Nikon and Sony to show Medium Format Cameras at Expo

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Re: Those used to buying into this market...

Alan Brown wrote:

CFynn wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

It reality it makes sense. The first round of MF digital were simply retreaded MF SLR technology with a different back. You have all the issues with a mirror box with MF SLR - except the mirror box is bigger cost more to build causes more vibration, etc. With the mirror-less technology coming along, a MF digital based on a mirror-less design makes a lot of sense, would be less expensive to build.

A MF mirrorless from Nikon would be nice. However it seems very unlikely. I'll only believe it when I see it

There are a few hurdles. First sensor cost is proportional to the sensor area not the linear dimension of the sensor.

Costs rise more than proportional to the area because the larger the area the less yield. A larger sensor is more likely to have a defect, and also there is more wasted space on a wafer with larger sensors . Manufacturing volume would likely be lower too - which also increases per unit costs.

Cost of lenses would be considerably higher too.

Are used to the higher costs. They earn far much more money.

I used to shoot medium format film (6x6, 6x7 & 6x9)

The market for medium format digital cameras is pretty small - and most of the existing players in that market do not seem to doing particularly well.  Most users of medium format digital do not upgrade equipment as frequently as DSLR users either.

I cant see that it makes any sense for Nikon to introduce a medium format system.

It might make some sense for Sony to produce medium format sensors, or even digital backs, if they can produce them at the right price  But that is quite a different thing from creating a whole system.

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