Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: utterly silly statement ...

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

sean lancaster wrote:

Amount lenses aren't bad, per se. I suppose it depends on what lenses you want. I shoot Canon and I don't think any wide angle options are worthwhile except for the Zeiss 21, so that's where I am coming from.

Canon 24 TS-E LII w/o using tilt and shift is excellent and you can use tilt and shift when you need that.

Yes, the 24 TSEII and the 24/1.4II are both incredible for landscapes, not even considering the unmatched (in image circle FOV) 17TSE.  The 17 and 24 TSEs are so good, many MF digital users use them (adapted) for landscapes.  Adapting them to the NEX mount with a 36MP sensor will give us the greatest digital landscaping solution outside of IQ180 with dedicated MF lenses.

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