SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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This would not have happened in a right to carry state

stevo23 wrote:

We have three opinions here -

a) the bikers were in the wrong

b) the SUV was in the wrong

c) blame goes to both groups

If this had happened in a right to carry state and the husband and father had been armed, there would probably have been dead bikers all over the place. Any reasonable person in his situation would have feared not only for his own life, but also for the lives of his wife and child.

These cowardly punks only did this because they knew that in New York state he would not be armed, and would thus be unable to defend himself.

People who engage in such mob violence are cowardly and of extremely low moral character.

Let's see a biker gang try this in state like Florida, Texas, or Utah, and then see what happens.


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