RX100 vs RX100M2 RAW samples from ISO100 to 6400

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Re: Matter of sharpening

I had the Sony RX100 as well as the Sony RX1 at the same time.

The IQ of the RX1 was outstanding and I returned the RX100.

I soon came to find the RX1 had too may missed focused images and sent that back as well.Back focus was a real issue.

Last week I had the Sony RX100M2 and was disappointed  in the IQ.Photos were soft;I could not read nearby license plates or street signs.

I was also getting a 'Sensor drop' error message so maybe the camera was a lemon.

I found my folder with my original RX100 images and noticed how vibrant and sharp they were.

I sent the Sony RX100M2 back and will probably re-purchase the Sony RX100.

I'm a photog and really miss having a fun compact in my purse.Lugging the 30 pound camera bag takes the fun out of shooting for fun.

I wish that Sony would do a firmware upgrade on the 100M2. It has some really nice features

that I enjoyed playing with.Namely having that hot shoe and wifi!

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