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Tom you do realize

Tom Caldwell wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

Do we still have any left here?

It's the last digital camera from Ricoh that I haven't used or reviewed, all other's I've used and know well including the GX200. I know that there aren't many differences between the 100 and 200 and, that the GX100 has slightly better IQ from raw files (and jpegs if you set the camera right).

I have something to say about the GX100 on my blog soon that is kind of interesting, it's going to be a sort of time machine review of sorts.

Curious if you have any links to reviews done by others that are of very high value amongst the community. I know AdamT here really liked/likes the GX100's Jpegs and the camera overall, for example.

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I have one in good condition, I use it occasionally and like what it does, I would never part with it but it was the GRD that rang my bells. Lots of people talked about the "necessity" of a zoom version of the GRD but I don't think it sold in huge numbers. Those that really liked the GX100/200 really really liked it and still have a complain from time to time about the lack of the non-existant GX300. When Ricoh made the "GX300" as the S10 module for the GXR it was even less popular (I think). So I think that the reality was that the GX series was not nearly as popular as those that still love it (I do) make out.

Panasonic made the LX1 before the GX100 and the latter camera was heaps better in my opinion. But I think Panasonic thought they owned the territory and made the LX3 (I think, or was it the LX4) with a list of features as long as your arm and marketing clout as well. I think that Panasonic put Ricoh on notice that it was not going to be allowed on the LX model patch.

We never hear of the LX any more and maybe even Panasonic has abandoned "the type". So that style of short-zoom small-sensor camera wasn't a retailer's till-buster perhaps. People could buy less sophisticated bigger-zoom cameras for quite a lot less if I remember correctly. (Including multiple models of Ricoh's own R and CX series cameras).

However I would think it fair comment that there would be a higher proportion of GX cameras sold that are still being used (if only occasionally) than there are LX cameras still in at least occasional use.

Lots of Ricoh users abandoned Ricoh for the LX model, some of them may have come back, I do remember demands being made of Ricoh for a faster lens (don't worry about the distortion on the LX lens) and a feature by feature match of what the LX could do.

I would be interesting to have a review of what the attractivenes of the LX was that led to the demise of the GX model and why rusted in GX owners still love the camera and dream of a GX300.

I think that Ricoh's experience with a "GRD with a zoom" second string line when added to the variable success of the module concept - they might have thought customers would have battered the doors down for a CX with raw and other gooddies (P10) or the same as in the born-again GX (S10). Nope ... too big, sensor too small ... great products but ingrained prejudice dies hard - they might correspondingly be quite shy to stake their gold watch on multiple GR models no matter how much cheering goes on from the forum.

So they make a GR50 and some buy it - sales are 30% of the present GR28, the GR28 popularity goes down by 30%. Complaints are laid as what they really wanted was a GR35 - sales are 20% of the present GR28, the GR28 sales go down by 20%. Others says this is simply not good enough they really really should have made a GR40!

So they give in and make a GR40. Sales are 10% of the present GR28 and the GR28 sales go down by 10%.

So in the end they have 15% GR40, 25% GR35, 35% GR50 and 40% GR28 = 115% (well overall sales would rise a bit) over four models - even someone who doesn't count beans could see that it doesn't work. A new model comes out - hooray. Word is that the GR40 did not sell well - us "vultures" will be thirsting for the fire sale (as we do). The only way it would work is if overall sales went up by 400% and Ricoh was able to balance production precisely to demand. A hard ask.

All the time I am crying: "I want a GR85 'portrait' and make it f2.0 and pocketable!" But in the end I give up and get my Jupiter-9 out and put it on the GXR-M and try and forget about the crop factor. Well maybe the 55mm f1.8 Takumar will do and I don't like carrying cameras in my pockets anyway.

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Tom Caldwell

That I worked very closely with Ricoh during the GX/GR/GXR years, personally right?

Sorry for not replying specifically to you on all of your points, to be honest almost every reply is a "book", and while I find you interesting, I don't often have time to reply to such lengthy posts in detail.


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