Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

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Re: Adobe ... why are you keeping my credit card number?

Graham Meale wrote:

I have been told when placing an order with certain businesses that I've previously dealt with that they are legally forbidden to keep credit card details.

I think this may vary depending upon the jurisdiction.

A couple of years back I was registering for a photographic workshop at University of Massachusetts in Amherst. When I called back a day or so later to change some details and asked them to bill it to the same credit card as the original charges I was told the were forbidden to keep credit card details on file, and I had to repeat all the details again over the telephone. I think they said "illegal", but can't honestly recall.

Just saying! There seems to be some variation in interpretation here, and I can see the argument for both sides. However, if somebody elects to keep my personal details on file, then the onus should be on him to protect that information, or accept the ensuing liability if he screws up. Else we are going to see more and more of these security breeches if there is no accountability or consequences.

Roy Sletcher

Generally what I'm thinking is that there is maybe a distinction between "keeping a card on file" and retaining records that may need to be kept to meet audit requirements. The former would relate to keeping card info accessible for future transactional needs, while the latter might be encrypted and "locked away" in the storage Vaults (so to speak).
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