ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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a little pessimistic to think we're all resisting new ideas

Reilly: Geez, Russell, if we penalized everyone who expressed an opinion without an example, we'd have nobody left in here :^)

Hey, not thinking of "penalizing". More of a muse on how easy it is to show examples of simple things like whether or not post-processing to high ISO is the same as in-camera raw high ISO, thus encouraging you to post examples when reasonably convenient.

I put up way more than my share of examples, not that it does me any good, everyone will keep on doing what they are convinced is correct anyway.

That's a little pessimistic. Don't you think in a Science and Technology forum that there'd be an unusually high percentage of open, inquisitive and educated minds, compared to say some totally open-topic forum?

For example I would bet here in this forum, you really could indeed entertain people by introducing some technical information that "proves them wrong".

Heck before a week ago I was convinced that, because of a single experiment I did in 2010 with a Nex 5, that there was no way that a Nex C3 could give good results with underexposed-to-ISO-12800 images that were pushed in a raw processor. I bet user "Boardsy" was as surprised and delighted and I was to be shown to be wrong by some posts and info here about noise vs raw ISO settings. 2 pretty ordinary folks right there that would, for example, be impressed by your relevant examples.

This forum in particular Simon created to be the roped off bastion of those who know a good deal and who have never been wrong about anything,

Well I hope that's not true. Would even wager that Eric Fossum for example isn't convinced he's always been "right about everything", even though one of his fingernail clippings knows more about sensor design than I do.

so as you will find out, it's a bit more trouble than it's worth to change anyone's mind with mere actual photographs when the theories, charts and graphs constitute proof of fill in the blank.

Well can't quibble with your prediction, except to say that I knew my ideas about push-processing raw files to be completely wrong, the moment I saw a couple of examples from Boardsy etc through this forum that showed what could be done.

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