SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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The biker that got bumped by the SUV did so because the biker had previously been following too closely to the SUV. The SUV braking angered the biker who had to brake suddenly and then zoomed around and brake checked the SUV, getting tapped.
As for having no reason to drive out of there, well that's just ridiculous. He had his wife and little kid in the car and was trapped in by a group of people that had already broken a window and did, in fact, end up beating the p!ss out of him.

Was the window broken already? I don't think so, I think the windows were intact when they started chasing him down.

No, prior to the running over of the biker...they cornered the SUV and “They take their helmets and they start to dent his car and apparently his tires are slashed there with a knife" (according to the "Daily News") It appears that the SUV windows may have been cracked by the gang before the man was run over. I wish they had engaged a trucker in a big rig instead. I also wish this thread would get deleted as off topic

Off topic in what way? I've been trying to get folks to comment on the camera aspect.

Looking at all your replies here...that is certainly not your obvious intent. I suspect you ride a CBR600RR and your replies seem to indicate  more a desire to see the gangs actions justified for some reason.

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