Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: utterly silly statement ...

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this is a really bad news!! after all the money invested in the m4/3 system

i hope the rumors are not real

Why? Do you have an agreement with Sony that demands that you automatically dump m4/3 and buy their very expensive new system?

Also, do you understand how large a FF system will be with lenses with any reach at all? Answer: the lenses will be as big as the lenses on any FF camera. The good ones are HUGE.

So ... stop wringing your hands over a choice you already have made. The D600 is reasonably small for FF and you have chosen to go with something smaller anyway. End of story ...

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If you shoot wide-short telephoto the lens don't need to be that much bigger, sure they will be bigger, but you can also say, get more use out of a F2 prime on a FF sensor than a F1.4 prime on a M43rds sensor (better noise perf on FF means you can up ISO higher, F2 gives more DOF control than F1.4 on MFT). Leica makes plenty of small lenses below 100mm range (not that I'm suggesting Sony = Leica, just that it is quite possible to do). Because of the short flange distance, lenses (especially wide angles) can be smaller than DSLR FF lenses. There should be a significant size/weight gain over a Nikon D600 for instance.

Where things get silly is when you try to put a telephoto lens on a FF mirrorless camera. Good luck with a 200-600mm lens on a mirrorless FF camera hehe.

For me I would be very interested in this Sony camera, but it looks like it will not have IBIS, which is pretty much a deal breaker for me.

Wide lens don't work so well on Nex-7 APS-C E-mount already, the Sony 10-18 already shades the right hand side of the photos with magenta cast, and Nex FF will be even worse unless you use the A-Mount which is exactly what they intend on doing via adapter...and that my friends suks...the only reason I would want a FF Nex is for Landscapes, thats it...but if it doesn't work well with wide lens then thats a deal breaker...

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