How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

Dareshooter wrote:

redsf1 wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

redsf1 wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

Don't bother to explain it to her and when she sees how good the output is from the 600d she won't be able to tell you how wrong you were for trying to put her off.

In no way am i trying to put her off, just trying to get her to see there is other stuff about. preferably not Pentax or m4/3

Sounds like it to me and it may come across that way to her too.It's her money and if it makes her happy be then be happy for her.

If somebody you knew was buying something they knew nothing about wouldn't you try and advise them? and especially when she has asked for your advise?

Sure if they were making a bad choice but in this case she isn't is she ? Quite the contrary actually she's actually making a very sound choice regardless of the number of mpix.

Your last point is the most relevant one. If the 600D was slated as a load of s**t then yes I would advise her to try some others. Anyway at £400 it's great value & I doubt she will get anything better for the money.

You did ask for advice from the forum. The overwhelming opinion is, let her buy the 600D. If it goes wrong, at least you are off the hook {-D

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