Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

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Re: Would you buy X-Trans or Bayer

We now have two models which are the same down to the sensor only differing in the CFA - the X-M1 and the X-A1. The differing opinions on the various threads here as to which images are superior to me show that they are close - i.e. X-trans isn't superior.

If I put the various raw samples through my normal workflow (Lightroom/ACR), the X-A1 ends up better. So for me, Bayer is better and I would happily pay the same as the X-trans version for an AA filter-less Bayer version.

I am surprised at the voting for AA filtered Bayer - as of when I voted, 13 for X-trans, 7 for Bayer with AA filter, and 4 without.

AA filters for some time have been so weak that they do not prevent moire, they only reduce the intensity not the frequency of occurrence. For a time I had both the D800 & D800E and where one would show moire so would the other - sold the D800. If the AA filter isn't going to stop moire, why blur the image which will later require greater sharpening to overcome?

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