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Re: Ricoh Caplio GX100 Users

schaki wrote:

Maybe there might be a GX300 one day or at least a Pentax Optio MX-2 with a nice wide zoom.

Some might find 21-84mm to be useful and the aperture at the wide and the long end is not too slow. But I wonder if the sensor-size of 1/1.7" really is a good decision these days when we might expect the 1" sensor to be something of a standard for these compacts within two year.

There are at least some manufacturers which are expected to come up with new zooms for their top-compacts for next year. Olympus XZ-3, Fujifilm X30 and also Panasonic LX8.

Thanks for correcting me on the model number I was not sufficiently interested to "know" nor to go to the trouble of looking it up. When the manufacturer tries to make a short zoom that satisfies they are faced with a bewildering array of choices as you have summarised well.  Do they go for an aps-c sensor and we get something the size of the A16 module for the GXR.  Or maybe a smaller sensor, don't make it too small, maybe really wide and short zoom, maybe start a little less wide and give more reach.  Don't make the lens too slow but keep it physically  small in any case.

So the required GX300 is not the logical progression of a very sophisiticated small bodied, small sensored, camera with a short zoom that was fairly slow at long end.  It is now a large(er) sensored starting wide and fast fixed aperture range folding compact zoom that might upset the big players already in the market by aceing them in every feature.  No longer is it a GX300, it is something else.  The "GX300" was the GXR+S10 - what was wrong with that? I had mine out yesterday, great camera.

Methinks this is a (camera) bridge to far for Ricoh who have other things to think of such as a perhaps a FF sensor module for the new GXR body which might either have a built in high quality evf and be much the same format size as present or might be a very nice pruned down unadorned camera body much the same size as the present GR.

Now here Ricoh could show their technical prowess and stay "niche" without having to mix it with the big names in the retailer's showcases.

Luckily Ricoh scrapped "Caplio" a while back - Pentax should scrap the ridiculous meaningless trite "Optio" as well.

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