Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

AndyGM wrote:

Also you don't see rangefinder lenses longer than 135mm, partly because they'd block the view of the viewfinder, and partly because the size advantage goes away the longer the focal length.

I am pretty sure neither of these reasons is correct.  The problem is in framing and focusing with such a lens where the rangefinder window is usually in the 28-35mm FOV (beyond 135mm, you would have frameline the same general size as the focus patch).  An external VF works well enough for framing, but the focusing problem remains.  It wasn't as if RF users didn't want to use longer focal lengths because they were "too big," but they really didn't have a choice without TTL solutions.  SLRs pretty much solved that problem from the 1960s onwards.

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