D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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What's crazy about making a profit?

kiirokurisu wrote:

Why would Nikon release another, cheaper camera that would very obviously cannibalise D4 sales? They'd be crazy to.

The argument about 'cannibalisation' seems fundamentally unsound to me. A company is unlikely to sell a particular product to a market sector who's needs are not met by that product. There can be little cannibalisation in such a case, because there were few sales to cannibalise.

What matters is cash flow and profit. If a suitably priced 'cut-down' version of the D4 increased cash flow and profit then Nikon would be 'crazy' not to do it.

So the real question is not, "Would such a camera 'hurt' sales of the D4?", but "Would such a camera result in an overall increase in cash flow and profit?" I don't know the answer to that question.

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