Sony mirrorless FullFrame!?!?

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Re: until Oly or Pany makes FF

webber15 wrote:

dennis tennis wrote:

poo poo FF mirrorless, huge body, huge lenses..

until Oly or Pany announces they will make it and the fanboys here will applaud Oly and Pany for giving users "a choice" and choice is a good thing.

They have a choice,,from canon,nikon,sony...

I desperately need Oly and Pany to make cameras and lens for me to buy so that I can feel good about myself.

People who own other brands are evil, they probbly kick their dogs each time they pick up or put down their cameras.  I'm sure of it.

I get depressed if DPR doesn't give a Gold when a review an mFT body.

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