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cgarrard wrote:

eilivk wrote:

Not exactly user, more like a back-up camera. Find it useful for details in city streets and the noise is fine. Not fond of the lens cap and the EVF not what I had hoped for. Would like to know of the best jpeg settings.

Personally I prefer to always turn NR off and sharpness to the lowest setting- to process the least in camera and keep as much detail as possible. Then sharpen after. Contrast etc to taste.

Just now a GRD and a GXR with some modules came to a friend, maybe swap it for one of those. Never tried GXR, but several GRDs...

I find the GXR brillant, but too big and bulky. When I go small, I want small enough to fit in a pocket and still give me all the control I crave- GR and GX cameras do that. Even my G15 is bigger than I'd like for a pocket camera. Ricoh nailed the size just right in the GR/GX cameras- large enough to have controls, small enough and light enough to keep in pocket.

Ricoh ought to make a 3rd generation GX, and let go of the GXR concept.

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You can't be serious Carl?

The GX was a good camera but must have been a market nightmare for Ricoh it surely was not a big seller. The market for zoom is convenience (and cheap) not sophistication. So when Ricoh makes a sophisticated zoom the market yawns no matter how many with the camera think it the bees knees.

The GRD/GR succeeds because there are (just) enough around who will pay for a sophisticated prime lenses carry about camera. Those that had the GRD were well aware that the GX was not a GRD on steroid zoom but a necessary step back in performance to get a zoom lens. This was accepted to a degree but when Panasonic brought out a new LX with fast (distorted) lens the potential GX300 users melted away - surely Ricoh was not going to compromise lens quality to make it fast like the LX and just as surely small quality zoom camera users were not going to by a GX300 unless the lens was as fast as the LX. That is the real nuts and bolts of it - the rest is simply nostalgia. On the day the market for a GX300 simply was not there, and I doubt if it ever will be.

Please don't wish the end of the GXR simply because you don't like it - it is one of the most radical and brilliant camera concepts of all time and you scuttle it in a couple of words for just another "interesting" short range zoom camera that you can stick in a pants pocket. I believe that Ricoh are actually making one - its called the HZ15. Go buy one and live the GX300 dream. Pentax also have the MX1 (or whatever it is that you can rub the paint off in your pocket). A fine camera I believe, get one if you really want a GX300.

If you think the very small band of GX nostalgic nutters are a movement then welcome to the GXR hordes.

I use "nutter" in the nicest possible manner - I am quite a nutter myself. And I quite like my GX100, it is one of my treasured cameras, but because I have one I am not "teary-eyed" over not being able to buy an update. I would never have bought another GX myself, no matter what new goodies were included.

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