SUV Runs Over Biker, helmet cam to the rescue?

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happened to me

stevo23 wrote:

By the way - I think there's blame on both sides here. The biker that got his wheel tapped by the SUV was being careless. But the SUV guy had no call to plow over a guy. And then there's the beating - that wasn't cool. Bad scene all the way around that gives us sedate riders a bad name.

A while back I had a 4-5 of these morons stop near me at a red light and start revving their engines for no reason. I rolled my windows up and then they started shouting something. I said nothing and didn't even make eye contact. At the next red light they pull up next to me, one of them gets off and spits on my car, continues shouting, and starts repeatedly punching my window. Fortunately he didn't damage my window... just his own hand, I imagine. They left once I got on the phone and called the police.

In the instance recorded by this video, somehow I HIGHLY doubt that they were just calmly exchanging insurance information after they all stopped. I'm sure they gave the guy in the SUV every reason to plow through them.

I'm reading the NYPD is arresting the bikers, not the SUV driver. Sounds like this wasn't just road rage by the SUV driver. It's good to know I can legally defend myself if this ever happens again and they do break into my car.

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