Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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captura wrote:

... I just reacted a bit because I'm really fed up with inconsistent SAR rumors, although I can't blame them too much because it's SAR's business to stay in business, after all.I can't blame Sony at all for any of this because they believe in being secretive and I can't say as I blame them. They need, after all, to protect their profits. I suggest taking SAR rumors with a modicum of discretion.

They recently seemed to be covering all bases. Last week they had a Nex7 replacement, then it was two FF of which one top-end and today the two A7'FF's are to be midlevel

About the naming: it occurred to me that Sony may be obfuscating on purpose by maybe having 3 name series for E-mount lenses and usong "a" and "alpha" that all of these are E-mount and that not much is happening in A-mount.

I do not see them abandonnig rangefinder style.

But who is obfuscating; Sony or SAR? I haven't heard a peep from Sony about any of this and why should they join a dialogue invented and controlled by SAR? It is Sony's practise to keep silent until they make an announcement.

True, but we seem to be getting close to a release of something. In this phase the number of people 'in the know' is rapidly increasing, and an increasing number of them are not under direct Sony control and/or may feel they can leak with relative impunity.

There used to be a poster on the Canon X0D forums who had a great track record telling the specs two-three weeks before release. That sort of leaking is hard to prevent, though that poster was found out (and later posted only in Pentax or nikon forums, often professing his hatred for all things Canon).

And we can get back to the meaning of the names as if and when. The subject will mature

But-Wikipedia: but- is a chemical prefix.

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