New Pentax K3

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New Pentax K3

No FF sensor eh? No big deal. It all boils down to the handling and image quality. I have a friend with a D800E Nikon. Great camera, great image quality, great handling BUT it's unwieldy, heavy and with its complement of lenses, needs a suitcase and strong muscles to take it anywhere.

Are the pics his D800E takes better? - Oh yes. far better but I actually take my K5 out for shoots and he often doesn't. A K5 that is with me is way better than a high end camera that is locked away in a cupboard.

In what way was his D800 better?

1) Faster autofocus

2) More accurate autofocus.

3) More resolution

4) Better low light performance. (Possibly due to a combination of a better stabilizer and inherently more capable sensor)

5) Better dynamic range.

6) Generally better appearance to the pictures.

If the K3 were to address those deficiencies, it'd be a camera that would give top notch pictures and be portable. I'm not sad that there isn't a FF. I have a big investment in Pentax DA lenses and I always thought that the K5 just needed some subtle improvements to make it the almost perfect camera.

I'm not going to rush out and buy a K3 but I'll be fascinated to see how it performs and if it's a substantial improvement over my K5, I'll almost certainly buy it.

FWIW, I tried the latest Olympus OM-D E-M5. As you're aware, it has an even smaller sensor than the K5, yet gives better results. (better dynamic range and hugely better image stabilization. For all we know, the K3 may give similar or better results than the Olympus.

I'm going to keep an open mind.

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