XZ-1 Autumn Evening

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Re: XZ-1 Autumn Evening

Gday Larry

Mate I did not have much use for computers until a professional photographer friend came to see me approximately 15 years ago with a coolpix 990 and I laughed at him till my sides hurt.It was a steep learning curve but ever since I have worked with windows computers and now a bit of Linux ubuntu and build my own PCs.For some reason never went with Macs they were very expensive here in Australia and I used to run a printing software called Qimage that only came for windows.

Raw Therapee is a comprehensive free Raw editor, it can be buggy but the latest version seems to work ok.I have a soft spot for Snapseed it was made by some of of the most talented guys in the photo software business called NIK software but got snapped up by Google. the desktop version was $20 but is discontinued apparently available through google + now . I think an Ipad version is still out there.Make sure your screen is calibrated by some method especially if you want to print and have plenty of Ram although the 10MB or so Raw files from the XZ-1 arent to hard to for most hardware to handle.Olyviewer is not too bad either.


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