How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

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Re: How do i explain to someone its not about megapixels ?

redsf1 wrote:

... how do i explain to her its not just MP?

Then again, "not just" is something different than "not about". Here is a humorous extreme.

i currently have a basic Oly CSC with only 12mp but its more than good enough for looking at the pics on a screen or printing at a reasonable size. she wants it for portraits so is never going to massive posters. i just don't know how to explain it to her.

You (might then) point out how the advent of HDTV broadcast has become a major financial boon to professional makeup artists - as people (in large portrait-style) have many "imperfections" when "viewed" so up-close.

How (and at what stage of the entire process) does one allow (or deliberately apply) "blur" ?

Assuming DR and SNR are up to snuff, higher resolution images - when processed or edited with skill, that is - are highly capable of balancing image resolution and noise, and color.

A (hypothetical) "qualty factor" would be derived from multiplying resolution by net composite system output SNRs that exist (within the range of sensor illumination levels of interest in application).

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